Groove Life Captain America Shield ICON Ring Size 11 Silicone NEW

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Groove Life  Captain America Shield ICON Ring Size 11 Silicone NEW

Captain America’s peak physical condition, masterful hand to hand combat skills and virtually indestructible vibranium shield are only half of what makes him so powerful. His leadership is a superpower all its own!

Everyone wants to be at the head of the table at some point and if you’re a good leader then you need great accessories to help them command the little troops at home. 

We’ve got a ring that can not only keep up with your lifestyle but enhance it. The Captain America Shield Icon breathable ring from Groove Life!

Our ring is a leader in its own right. With specially designed grooves that allow air in and moisture out along with a comfort inner band that puts the feel of other rings to shame, it’s clear who’s in charge around here. 

We back it with our 94-year ‘NO BS’ warranty because that’s what a good leader does so pick one up now!

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