Marvel Wolverine Weapon X Nintendo 3DS XL Skin By Skinit NEW

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Marvel Wolverine Weapon X Nintendo 3DS XL Skin By Skinit 

Instantly upgrade your 3DS XL 2015 with this "Wolverine Weapon X" Skin! This Skin is the ultimate Marvel 3DS XL 2015 accessory - especially if you're a huge Wolverine fan. This "Wolverine Weapon X" 3DS XL 2015 Skin features Wolverine front and center with bold red and blue colors, guaranteed to make your 3DS XL 2015 pop. Keep your 3DS XL 2015 personalized and protected with the "Wolverine Weapon X" Skin. Level up the style on your Nintendo 3DS XL with the Wolverine Weapon X decal skin from Skinit. Printed in a matte finish, this Wolverine Weapon X is bold and sleek - making it the perfect finishing touch for your 3DS XL. Official Skinit x Marvel Wolverine Weapon X 3DS XL 2015 Skin
An orginal Wolverine 3DS XL 2015 Skin to showcase your Wolverine fandom.
Fits the 2015 Nintendo 3DS XL
Printed in a matte finish