Marvels Avengers Hulk Groove Life Belt Mens Size L New

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Marvels Avengers Hulk Groove Life Belt Mens L New.

Fits Waist Size 37"-40"

The proprietary webbing, engineered with just the right amount of stretch, the Groove Belt™ is designed to adjust with you no matter where your adventure takes you.

Our earth-shattering buckle is made with super strong neodymium magnets, set in aluminum alloy, giving you the protection and security you need to face your enemies.

When the Avengers are on the scene, you can rest assured they will take care of business. You can also rest assured that your new Marvel Avengers Belt from Groove Life will keep you safe and secure all day long.

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Groove Life. Ready for Adventure.

The Groove Belt contains high strength neodymium magnets. Do not wear if you have a pacemaker or any other medical device that may be affected by magnetic fields.