Mother Greeting Card w/Envelope NEW

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Mother Greeting Card w/Envelope NEW. Condition is "New". 


For My
Wonderful Mother

If earth is just a stepping stone
to heaven up above,
I know He sent an angel here
to guide, to teach, to love.
For me, that heavenly someone
who has helped me journey through
has been someone I so admire...
Mother, it has been you.
Every time I look at you,
I think of His gentle grace,
I see echoes of His love and care
shining brightly from your face.
And if you ever notice me
just look at you band stare...
It's because I know
God put wings on you...
I'm just not sure exactly where.


"Do not forget
to entertain strangers,
for by so doing,
some people have
entertained angels
without knowing it."
Hebrews 13:2 (NIV)

God has blessed my life
with you!

Happy Birthday


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