Marvel Spidey & Amazing Friends 8 Design Assorted Temporary Tattoos

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Spidey & Amazing Friends 8 Design Assorted Temporary Tattoos.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 8 Assorted design Spidey & friends plastic tattoos - 2" x 1.75"

ASSORTED DESIGN: These tattoos feature an assortment of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends and other action headlines and spider designs, which are sure to be a hit with young children and toddlers.

PARTY ESSENTIALS: These temporary tattoos use the latest waterproof technology, which can be used by children in a series of parties such as kid's parties, pool parties, or Spider Man-themed parties.

SAFE AND RELIABLE: These tattoos are non-toxic and free of dangerous chemicals, making them a relatively safe product for children to use.

EASY TO USE: Cut out the pattern you choose then Just place face down on skin and dampen with water. Hold it down for about 15 seconds and remove it.