Wow! Pods Marvel Captain America Light up Figure

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Wow! Pods Captain America.

COLLECTIBLE TOY FIGURE -- Captain America from the Avengers movie franchise. The perfect gift for Super-hero fans of all ages, boys and girls alike will love this amazing bobble head mini-figure in its hexagonal POD measuring 4 inches tall

COLLECT, CONNECT AND DISPLAY -- WOW! PODS connect in a number of ways so that you can make your own unique awesome light displays across your wall, shelf, table or window ledge. There are over 20 Marvel PODs to collect including: Ironman, Spiderman, Hulk, Groot, Black Widow and Loki

SWIPE TO LIGHT -- Move your hand in front of the POD to light it up and reveal hidden icons at the back of the WOW! POD. Light switches off automatically after 30 seconds. The perfect collectible Marvel toy gift for kids, adults and fans of all ages

BUILD YOUR COLLECTION -- Connect all your WOW! POD characters together in seconds to create an amazing light display.